If you are interested in applying for work-exchange (WEX) contact Gretchen at dance@moabjam.com BEFORE registration opens on 3/12/16.
Work Exchange
WEX is for those with financial need who might not be able to otherwise afford to come to the event. This allows dancers to participate in the event(s) for a reduced fee while contributing to get necessary work done associated to make the Moab Jam happen smoothly and joyfully. 
  • The number of WEX positions is very limited and are offered on a first-come basis.
  • Each WEX-hour is worth $10 and will be paid to you at the end of the Jam.
  • By signing up for WEX your rate for the Jam can be reduced, depending on the amount of work available.
  • Some WEX jobs will have a "# hours expected," so you can know how much you will receive at the end of the Jam.
  • At online registration, you will pay the full fee for the Jam, via your credit card (this is the process for all registrants).
  • We will pay you for your hours worked, via check, at the conclusion of the Jam.

Gretchen coordinates the WEX team. When you go through our online registration system, there will be a box to mark your interest to be a part of the WEX team. Positions are available on a first-come basis. Gretchen will email those who have requested a WEX position after registration. Contact her if you have any questions or need any WEX information prior to registration by using the Contact page.

WEX participants are needed for the following tasks: (TBD at the Jam)

  • Registration & admin work
  • Sweep/mop & tidy studios
  • Kitchen cleaning, recycling
  • Kitchen work for Sat meal & snacks 
  • Post-Jam cleanup (finishing at approx 3pm on Monday)
  • Miscellaneous other jobs

This agreement requires motivation and responsibility. Please track your hours, and connect with the WEX coordinator for clarification regarding what needs to be done. WEX meeting times will be posted.

It's fun to be of service toward making the jam a great event for all!