New in 2018: Staying in the group campsites at Ken's Lake is INCLUDED in the cost of registration. When you register you will mark a box to let us know where you are staying (so that we ensure we have enough campsites for all Kens Lake campers). If you choose to stay elsewhere it is at your own expense. 
Place Rates Distance to MARC Highlights

Ken's Lake Campground

The reserved campsite for the Moab Jam Workshop is Group Campsite "B". Workshop nights are 5/19, 5/20, 5/21, 5/22, 5/23 Arrival time is after 12:00 PM on Saturday, 5/19. Departure time is before 12;00 PM on Thursday, 5/24. No extra cost, the campsite fee is included in your registration fee. (This is a change from how we did camsite sign-up in previous years.)

The reserved campsites for the Moab Jam are Group campsites "A" and "B".  Jam nights are 5/24, 5/25, 5/26, 5/27.  Arival time is after 12:00 PM on Thursday 5/24. Departure time is before 12:00 PM on Monday 5/28. No extra cost, the campsite fee is included in your registration fee. (This is a change from how we did camsite sign-up in previous years.)

If you choose to stay at an individual site at Ken's Lake (not the group site): $15/night - this must be procured by camper.

~20 minute drive (10 miles)
  • Creek, waterfall, & lake to dip in
  • Desert hiking right from your tent
  • Great views
Up-the-Creek Campground $25-45 (plus tax ) for 1-4 people per night per site ~10 minute walk (5 blocks)
  • Walk to MARC
  • Showers
  • Mostly shaded
Lazy Lizard Hostel,
other campgrounds in downtown Moab
$12-$20 per night (see info below) 2 miles
  • Showers
  • Electricity
  • Other amenities
Vacation Rental by Owner, Hotels, Motels ~$45+ per night 1 block to miles
  • Private
  • Really comfortable
Reservations & Joining Others

It is imperative that you make your accomodation reservations as early as possible, as the Memorial Day weekend is a busy time in Moab.

Reservations for Ken's Lake in the Moab Jam reserved group campsites are made during your online registration. 

When you register for the Workshop and/or Jam, there will be a button where you incidate where you plan to stay during the event. 
Up-The-Creek (UTC) Campground
Photo by Michal
Description - It's just 3 blocks (10-15 minute walk) to the MARC (for map, click here). This campground has showers and is walking distance to everything in Moab. It's not as much of an "outdoors" experience as Ken's lake, but it's very pleasant for being right "in" town. See their website ( for nice pictures and more details.
Reservations/Cost - Up-the-Creek will be taking reservations for spaces on a first-come, first-served basis, with all reservations being handled directly with them (and not through us).  Campsite rates per night range from $25 (1-person site) to $45 (4-person site).  You may request to be put near others in the "dance group" or near the back of the campground, if they still have spaces.  As the Memorial Day week and weekend is a very busy time for them, we very strongly urge that you make reservations as soon as possible!  Contact information (e-mail & phone) may be found on their website at
TIPS - 1) A bike makes the getting to/from the MARC really quick. 2) You are in close quarters so you might consider bringing earplugs.
Ken's Lake Campground
Description - At 10 miles away from the MARC (for map, click here), you'll need to either have a car or arrange a ride. No showers or drinking water. Each campsite has a picnic table and fire ring.   The Moab Jam has reserved group campsite "B" for the workshop and jam which  takes up to 25 people and group campsite "A" for the jam that takes up to 40 people.  Pit toilet outhouses are nearby. There's a clear creek, waterfall, and lake, all within easy walking distance. A dip in the water is a morning ritual for many. Sunrise and sunset are lovely. Great hiking and mountain biking begins right at your tent-door. It's a 30 minute walk to petroglyphs. Their website can be found here:
Photo by John BainbridgeReservations/Cost - Group Sites at Ken's Lake for Moab Jam Dancers 
When you complete your registration online, you will have the option of indicating if you want to stay in one of the reserved group campsites at Ken's Lake during the Workshop and/or Jam at no additional cost.
Staying at Ken's Lake But Not in a Moab Jam Group Site
You can stay in your own individual site at Ken's Lake, however it up to you to procure it and it is at your own expense.  Individual sites at Ken's Lake are $15/night, and it is usually very difficult to procure a site, as  individual sites are not-reservable in advance. The Moab Jam cannot guarantee their availability.
Additional People in Moab Jam Group Sites
If you need an additional spot reserved at Ken's Lake (for instance if you are coming to Moab with a friend/partner/family who is not enrolled in the Moab Jam) contact us by using the Contact page and we will add those people to our chart.
Campsite Regulations/Pitching Your Tent
Each campsite can hold only the number of tents that can fit on the sandy area. Cars must be parked in the gravel area of each campsite. Please do not park on the road, on the Crypotgamic soil or in the tenting area. Pitch your tent only on the sandy area of the tent sites. Do not pitch your tent on cryptogamic soil or grass or other desert plants.
Cryptogamic Soil
Includes cyanobacteria, one of the oldest known life forms, as well as mosses and lichens among other living organisms. Cryptogamic soil is crucial in helping stabilize the fragile desert soil from wind and rain erosion and helps hold in precious limited water and nutrients for desert plants. When we walk or drive on this soil it can take up to up to 250 YEARS for it to return. If you are not familiar with this soil, ask Alicia. Let's all help remind each other to take good care of this beautiful and fragile desert environment by NOT WALKING ON or PITCHING OUR TENTS on CRYPTOGAMIC SOIL. For more information on cryptogamic soil, please visit this page.
Rides To and From Campground
If you are staying at Kens Lake Campground, it may be possible to get rides to and from the studio in town. Please arrange rides beforehand with others who will be staying there. We need enough cars (with willing drivers) to deal with shuttles. Please plan to contribute gas money to the drivers. 
Check Out Time
Moab Jam campsites are reserved through Monday, May 28 at noon. Everyone staying in Moab Jam campsite must be checked out by that time. If you stay at Ken's Lake Campground beyond May 28 at noon, you must sign up for an individual site and pay the fee at the kiosk.
Many who stay at Ken's Lake Campground, purchase a shower at either the Lazy Lizard Hostel or Up-The-Creek campground or at the Moab Recreation Center on their way to or from the MARC. Please be kind to your hosts and ensure good karma for all CI dancers by paying the requested shower fee in advance. 2) It can be windy at Ken's Lake Campground, so be sure to stake down your tent. You might consider bringing earplugs.

Hostel, Other Downtown Moab Campgrounds, Couchsurfing, VRBO, Hotels, Motels & More

If you want to stay in a room, the least expensive is the Lazy Lizard Hostel. Being a tourist town, Moab has lots of hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts and condos for rent. However, the spring is a very popular time to be in Moab book your room ASAP! Prices below are subject to change.
The Lazy Lizard Hostel (1213 S Hwy 191, Moab, UT, is about 2 miles from the MARC.   Make reservations -- space is almost full for Memorial Day weekend.  Private rooms for 1 person $32, 2 people $36, 3 people $42. Cabin $37 for one bed, $43 for 2 beds. Bunk in dorm $12/person. Showers available $3 for others not staying at the hostel. 
Canyonlands Campground (555 S Main St., - This campsite is primarily an RV campground, though you can choose a tent site at the very back of the campground, across the river, as far away from the RVs as possible. There are also cabins, though they're right in the middle of the RVs. The campground is right in town, there's a swimming pool. Check website for rates. They are closed till March 1. You can call and leave a message to make a reservation. 
Ron's Pack Creek Campground (1520 Murphy Ln #6, - This campsite is a couple miles from downtown Moab and costs for tents: $25 (plus tax) per night, for RV with full hook up $35 (plus tax) per night.  Prices are for 3 adults. $5 per extra person. Showers are free to campers,  $4 for others.  The tent sites are located next to a creek. No one we know has ever stayed there, so let us know how it is if you decide to give it a try!  Make reservations online. 
Vacation Rentals By Owner ( - Stay in a private home. Most rentals come with a fully equipped kitchen and private dining space. Rates per night vary and range from $99-500/night. 
CouchSurfing ( - Visit the website to find someone in Moab willing to open their home (sometimes a couch, sometimes a bed) for no fee. From a former Moab jam participant, "I've had great experiences in many countries with couchsurfing. There are not too many Couchsurfing hosts in Moab, but there are a few. It was great." ( - A website to set up home exchanges. Home exchangers exchange their homes at a time that works for both parties. Hospitality exchangers host each other in each others homes.   There is a fee for the service. $150/year. 
Air BnB (, VRBO ( -  People rent out homes or rooms in their homes (in some cases while they are staying there.) Prices range from $75-250/night. Amenities vary depending on the situation. 
For other accomodations, call the Moab Tourism office at (800) 635-6622 or visit The City of Moab Lodging Page or The Moab Information Site. Cottages, condos, hotels, motels, and more.