Packing List

Besides your clothes for dancing, knocking around town, and summer-time hiking, here's a list of items to help get you started.

NOTE: If you are flying in and plan on camping and have limited room, consider mailing some equipment in advance (it might cost less than extra bag fees). Contact us to help you find a tent-mate or to help you find camping equipment to borrow or share with someone (such as a camp stove).

The items in bold are important, or quite helpful in terms of adding to your comfort and enjoyment while in Moab.

  • Sun Protection
    • sunscreen
    • sun hat
    • sunglasses
    • light-weight clothes for sun protection
  • Water Play (for trips up Mill Creek Canyon, around Ken's Lake and on the Campout)
    • shoes for water that you can also hike in (Chacos, Tevas, etc.)
    • towel
    • swim wear (Swimming or sunbathing naked is not the norm in Utah, and some locals object to public nudity due to their religious beliefs -- we feel it's important to respect the local culture)
  • Basic Outdoor Adventure (prepare for rain/hail and 40°F - but the usual range is 50°F-65°F for nighttime lows and 75°F-95°F for daytime highs)
    • light hiking shoes
    • rain jacket with a hood
    • 2 layers of warm fleece/synthetic or wool (preferably not cotton) (for night time or thunder storms)
    • day pack or small backpack
    • warm hat
    • light gloves
    • bandana (small cotton cloth)
    • small first aid kit, any personal medications
  • Food Cooking and Storage
    • cup, bowl, plate, knife, fork, spoon (the MARC does not have enough for everyone - you will need to bring your own for group meals.)
    • if you are driving and have room - large bowls, pots, pans, Tupperware-type containers, serving spoons, and knives for group meals
    • personal cooking gear (pots, pans, spatulas, knives, cutting board, sponge, biodegradable soap, trash bags, etc.)
    • cook stove & fuel (most campers cook at the MARC kitchen; most do not make anything more than tea/coffee at the campground.)
    • other food equipment as needed (blender, food processor, coffee maker, etc.)
    • cooler & ice packs
    • critter-proof storage boxes for campgrounds and at MARC
    • we provide basic condiments in the MARC kitchen (olive oil, vinegar, salt, etc., and there is a daily rice made available for partipants.)
  • Camping Equipment
    • tent (make sure you bring rainfly and have stakes and cord for tying it down)
    • sleeping bag
    • sleeping pad
    • headlamp or flashlight
    • 1 or 2 personal water bottles (each about 1 quart or liter)
    • large refillable water container(s) (no drinking water available at Ken's Lake; can pick up gallon jugs at City Market in Moab)
    • camp chair
    • ground cloth for under tent or making shade
  • Other items to consider or not forget
    • toiletries
    • camera
    • binocluars
    • music making supplies
    • recorded music for performances or jamming
    • notebook/journal
    • art supplies
    • favorite stuffed animal

DO NOT BRING your PETS. While dogs are allowed at the Kens Lake campground, we do NOT allow them in our group KL sites, and they cannot be tied up outside the MARC. If you leave your dog or other pet in your car, you will recieve a sizeable ticket from the Moab police, as it is not safe to leave pets in cars in the heat.