Workshop Schedule

Workshop Schedule 2016: 

Moab Workshop: May 22 (Sun.)* - May 25 (Wed.), 2016
*arrival day in Moab= May 21 (Sat.)

Workshop: Dancing at the Edges: Axis Syllabus and CI with Daniel Bear Davis
Additional classes during the Workshop with Brad Stoller, Neige Christienson, Blake Nellis, Ronja Ver & Aaron Brando

5/21 (Sat.) Please plan your arrival in Moab on Saturday May 21. There will be campsites reserved starting Saturday 5/21, for those choosing to stay at Ken's Lake. The kitchen space at the MARC will be open starting at 8:30am on Sunday 5/22.

5/22 (Sun.) First Workshop session begins at 1:30pm. Detailed daily Workshop schedule will be given at that time. 

5/22-5/25 (Sun.-Wed.) We will have daily studio classes, and nature excursions/guided experiences on most days. Daily evening jamming at the MARC. Wed evening 5/25 will be our final session as a group, with session in the studio ending at 9:30pm. 

5/26 (Th.) Exploration day initiated by participants of the Workshop.


5/26 (Th.) The 2016 Moab Jam begins at 7pm! We hope that you will stay for the Jam as well! If you can stay only for the first day of the Jam, arrangements can be made.