Workshop Schedule

Workshop Schedule 2018: 

Moab Workshop: May 20 (Sun.)* - May 23 (Wed.), 2018
*arrival day in Moab= May 19 (Sat.)

Workshop: Inner Landscape with Mirva Makinen

Sat 5/19 Please plan your arrival in Moab on Saturday May 19. We have Group Campsite "B" reserved at Ken's Lake. The MARC kitchen is NOT available for use on Sat 5/19. The kitchen space at the MARC will be open starting at 8:30am on Sunday 5/20. 

Sun 5/20

Starting at 8:30am...MARC kitchen is available at all time  for the rest of the event

9:30-10:30 set up the MARC kitchen, dance room, and lobby (Gretchen, Steve, Susan, Cali, and anyone else who uses the MARC kitchen please help, if possible)

Teachers: 10:30-12:30 teachers jam  (organizers and teachers only)

Dance room open for anyone to use 12:30-2

1:45-2:15 workshop registration - MARC lobby

2:15-5 Class with Mirva

6:30-8:30 Class with Mirva


Mon 5/21

WEX MEETING Mon 5/21 9:15-9:45 (lobby)

10-1 Class with Mirva

3-5:30 Class with Mirva

6:15-8:30 Group picnic, dancing, nature time: Meet in front of the MARC at 6:15pm to leave for group picnic dinner (prepared by the wex helpers)


Tues 5/22

Morning activity (time + locations announced Mon eve)

3-5 Class with Mirva

7-9:30 Class into jamming


Wed 5/23

WEX MEETING Wed 5/23 9:30-9:45 (lobby)

10-1 Class with Mirva

3-5 Class with Mirva

7:30-9:30 Class into jamming (possibly with live music)